Husband and Wife Team Helps Couples Achieve ‘Wedding Bliss on a Budget’

Husband and Wife Team Helps Couples Achieve ‘Wedding Bliss on a Budget’ TurnKey Events Shares Strategies for Conserving Costs During the 2015 Wedding Season and Beyond

With the average wedding soaring over $30,000 and South Florida ranking as the 15th most expensive place to get married in the U.S., TurnKey Events offers local couples sound advice on cost saving.

The husband-and-wife-owned firm has specialized in ‘bliss on a budget’ for more than a decade, helping brides, grooms and their families conserve costs without sacrificing the ‘wow’ factor or the guest experience. 

“Not only is the cost of the average wedding increasing, but almost half of couples go over budget,” said Barry Rothberg, co-owner of TurnKey Events. “The reality is that you don’t have to spend tens of thousands of dollars to have an amazing wedding.”

According to Rothberg and his wife, Sherri, just a few easy tips can help families save thousands of dollars on their upcoming nuptials.

Downsize the guest list. A 2014 survey of 16,000 brides conducted by The Knot revealed that the average guest list size is decreasing. The Rothbergs advise instead of inviting 300 guests, consider inviting 75 people who have played a special role in the lives of the couple.

Opt for packages. Taking an a la carte approach to wedding planning is the surest way to drive costs up and go over budget. Look for companies that offer services in packages for maximum savings.

Focus on the future. Finances are a leading cause of divorce. Planning a wedding can be a great exercise for a couple to begin practicing making sound financial decisions together, and ensure that they build their marriage on a strong financial foundation.

Enlist help. Wedding planners can give vendors something that brides in most cases cannot – repeat business. Therefore wedding planners can secure major discounts and pass those savings on to their clients.

“We offer local couples the benefit of our experience, both as event planners and as a happily married couple,” said Sherri Rothberg, co-owner.  “Your wedding day is the first day of the rest of your lives. We want to help ensure that the couples we work with are happy not just on their wedding day, but for years to come.”

TurnKey Events offers all-inclusive wedding packages starting at $4995 for 65 guests. For more information about TurnKey Events or to request a proposal, visit

About TurnKey Events

For more than a decade, TurnKey Events has been one of South Florida's premier event planning firms specializing in innovative, cost-effective weddings and corporate events. 

May 03, 2015 by Barry Rothberg

Keeping Costs Down

Keeping Your Wedding Reception Costs Down

Keeping the list of people down to a manageable number (100) is where you’ll save the most money because dinner prices are based on a per person basis. There are complete wedding packages (which include everything from flowers to food) that cost about $100 - $125 per person, and then there are just banquets which can cost from $25.95 up to $50.00, depending on your choice of entree.

And who says you have to have a five course meal at a wedding? Soup and/or salad before the main course ican be sufficient. By choosing the chicken over the filet mignon, or the steak over the lobster will save you even more money. As for liquor, limit an “open bar” to an hour, just serve wine and champagne or choose a cash bar all night. Turnkey Events offers a scrumptious buffet-style meal for $35.00 per person, (as opposed to choosing a sit down dinner for $50.00 per person).  Based on this model, you can expect to spend $3,500 plus gratuity. 

May 30, 2014 by Barry Rothberg

What's hot in weddings and social events

Whether you will be hosting a corporate event, a cocktail party, or a wedding, here are some trends that are expected to reign during 2014.
  1. Metallics: The trend of mixing shimmering accents in tones of gold, silver, bronze and copper is big all over the country this year. Try incorporating metallic photo frames with your Photobooth or metallic votives, candleholders or table numbers.
  2. Pie bars: They are replacing elaborate and expensive wedding cakes for many couples. The pie bars are filled with a mix of pie flavors elegantly displayed. Pie bars are attractive, fun and offer a ton of variety for your guests.
  3. Food stations: This has been and still remains the trendy way to dine at weddings, But this year we will see more couples asking for family-style dining at their receptions.
  4. Seating in the Round: Make it different and a bit more intimate. The latest seating has guests arranged in a more circular or spiral shape. The circle symbolizes unity and eternity, which make it a perfect fit for a wedding ceremony. Great for an outdoor or beach wedding. TurnKey Events will assure every guest has the perfect view to your ceremony.
May 20, 2014 by Barry Rothberg

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