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Keeping Your Wedding Reception Costs Down

Keeping the list of people down to a manageable number (100) is where you’ll save the most money because dinner prices are based on a per person basis. There are complete wedding packages (which include everything from flowers to food) that cost about $100 - $125 per person, and then there are just banquets which can cost from $25.95 up to $50.00, depending on your choice of entree.

And who says you have to have a five course meal at a wedding? Soup and/or salad before the main course ican be sufficient. By choosing the chicken over the filet mignon, or the steak over the lobster will save you even more money. As for liquor, limit an “open bar” to an hour, just serve wine and champagne or choose a cash bar all night. Turnkey Events offers a scrumptious buffet-style meal for $35.00 per person, (as opposed to choosing a sit down dinner for $50.00 per person).  Based on this model, you can expect to spend $3,500 plus gratuity.