Backdrop Rentals

starting at $499

Theme party backdrops will transform any event into extraordinary and are the most effective and cost-effective way to completely transform a room. Backdrops are the perfect complement to any party. Choose from a large selection of scenic backdrops for almost every theme or we can have one custom created just for you. Backdrops are perfect for proms, theme parties, special events, theater backdrops, stage and corporate and private events.

Africa Backdrops                                                                          

Las Vegas/Casino Backdrops               

European Backdrops                                                                   

Space Backdrops  

Art Deco Backdrops                                                                  

Medieval/Castle Backdrops

Beach/Island Backdrops                                                              

Sports Backdrops                                                               

Carnival/Mardi Gras Backdrops                                                  

Moulin Rouge Backdrops

Forests Backdrops                                                                      

Fantasy Backdrops

Street Backdrops                                                                        

Celebration Backdrops

France/French Backdrops                                                          

Nautical Backdrops

Christmas Backdrops                                                                

Tropical Jungle Backdrops

French Quarter Backdrops                                                        

  Undersea Backdrops

New York/Broadway Backdrops

Circus Backdrops

Western Backdrops

Hollywood Backdrops           

Winter/Seasons Backdrops

Italy/Italian Backdrops        

World/Travel Backdrops

Egypt/Middle East Backdrops          

Sky/Sunset Backdrops

Landscapes Backdrops

Skyline Backdropss/Cirque/Magic Backdrops

Garden Backdrops

Oriental/Asian Backdrops                 

Orient Express Backdrops